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Bionic Boogie

Bionic Boogie was a disco studio group produced by Gregg Diamond in the late 70s. Bionic Boogie, formed 1977. Also Known As Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie, Gregg Diamond and Bionic Boogie. Diamond produced three albums under this name, “Bionic Boogie”(1977), “Hot Butterfly”(1978) and “Tiger! Tiger!”(1979). Though the group is best known for its dance hits “Risky Changes” and “Chains”, Luther Vandross sang with Bionic Boogie on “Hot Butterfly”. The band also featured future KISS drummer Eric Carr on backing vocals. Gwen Guthrie, best known for her 1986 hit “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But the Rent”, also sang with Bionic Boogie. Gregg Diamond was an American pianist, drummer, songwriter, and producer who was active in the jazz and disco music scenes of the 1970s. Diamond wrote the song "Hot Butterfly," which was released in 1978 under one of his group's names, Bionic Boogie, with Luther Vandross providing lead vocals. The song was later covered by David Lasley, The Sweet Inspirations and Chaka Khan. His other popular songs included "Risky Changes" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1977), "Dance Little Dreamer" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1977, "Cream (Always Rises to the Top)" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1978), "Starcruisin'" (1978), "Fancy Dancer" (1978), and "Tiger, Tiger (Feel Good For a While)" (1979). "Dance Little Dreamer" reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1978. The song "Cream (Always Rises to the Top)" reached #61 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1979. Diamond was also a member of the backing band for Jobriath, The Creatures. Diamond played drums and percussion. Outside of Bionic boogie, Diamond's biggest hit was as writer and producer of the 1975 single More More More by the Andrea True Connection.He died of gastrointestinal bleeding on March 14, 1999 at the age of 49.

Top Hit Singles
Risky Changes 1977
All Nite Long 1977
Dance Little Dreamer 1977
Cream (Always Rises To The Top) 1978
Hot Butterfly(with Luther Vandross) 1978
Fess Up To The Boogie 1978
Chains 1978
Shake Your Groove Thing 1978
When The Shit Hits The Fan (Rocket Pocket) 1978
Fancy Dancer 1978
Crazy Lady Luck 1979
Tiger Tiger (Feel Good For A While) 1979
Take The Boogie Home 1979
Risky Changes / Hot Butterfly (re) 1989
Risky Changes / Chains / Hot Butterfly (re) 1991
Fresh (Remix) / TigerTiger (Feel Good For A While) 1993
Chains (Remix) / Shake Your Groove Thing / At Midnight 1995

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