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Boney M

Boney M is a vocal group created by German record producer Frank Farian (real name Franz Reuther) recorded the dance track "Baby Do You Wanna Bump" in December 1974. Farian sang the repeated line "Do you do you wanna bump?" in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus. When the record was released as a single, it was credited to "Boney M.", a pseudonym Farian had created for himself after watching the Australian detective show Boney. After a slow start, the song became a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was then that Farian decided to hire performers to 'front' the group for TV performances. The Katja Wolfe booking agency found model-turned-singer Maizie Williams (originally from Montserrat) and her Jamaican singer friend Sheyla Bonnick for him, along with a dancer known only as "Mike" for the first gigs. Also during 1975, a girl named Nathalie joined but was soon replaced by Claudja Barry. Then Bonnick and Mike left, and Maizie Williams brought in Bobby Farrell, an exotic male dancer from Aruba. Singer Marcia Barrett (also from Jamaica) joined the group, which then went through another change in line-up when Claudja Barry – tired of merely lip-synching – left in February 1976 to pursue a solo career as a disco singer. Finally Liz Mitchell, former member of the Les Humphries Singers, stepped in. The line-up was finalised with Liz Mitchell (lead singer & front woman) Maizie Williams, Marcia Barrett, and Bobby Farrell. In January 2009 Frank Farian released a brand new single called Felicidad America (Obama Obama) under the name-check Boney M. feat. Sherita O. & Yulee B. featuring two new vocalists. The song is a remake of the 1980 Boney M. classic with new vocals and re-written lyrics now referring to the new US president Barack Obama. Bobby Farrell died at the age of 61 from heart failure on December 30, 2010.

Top Hit Singles
Baby Do You Wanna Bump 1975
Daddy Cool / Sunny 1976
Ma Baker / Still I'm Sad / Belfast 1977
A Woman Can Change A Man / Belfast 1977  
No Woman No Cry / Plantation Boy 1977
Rivers of Babylon / Brown Girl in the Ring / Rasputin 1978
Voodoonight / Mary's Boy Child - Oh My Lord / Dancing in the Streets 1978
Painter Man / Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday / Gotta Go Home 1978
Brown Girl In The Ring / Nightflight To Venus 1978
A Night In Chicago / You Love Me In A Special Way 1978
El Lute / I'm Born Again 1979
Bahama Mama / Gotta Go Home 1979
Let It All Be Music / Oceans Of Fantasy 1979
Two Of Us / Bye, Bye Bluebird 1979
I See a Boat on the River / My Friend Jack 1980
Children of Paradise / Gadda-Da-Vida / Felicidad (Margherita) 1980
For Dancin' / Oceans Of Fantasy 1980
Malaika / Consuela Biaz 1981
We Kill the World(Don't Kill the World) / Little Drummer Boy 1981
The Carnival Is Over / Going Back West / Jingle Bells 1982
6 Years of Boney M. Hits / Zion's Daughter 1982
Going Back West / Jambo - Hakuna Matata(No Problems) 1983
Somewhere in the World / Kalimba de Luna 1984
Happy Song / Barbarella 1984
My Cherie Amour / Young, Free and Single 1985  
Bang Bang Lulu / Daddy Cool '86 1986
Rivers of Babylon (Remix '88) / Megamix 1988
The Summer Mega Mix / Malaika (Lambada Remix) 1989
Everybody Wants to Dance Like Josephine Baker 1989
Storie 1990
Megamix 1992
Brown Girl in the Ring (Remix) / Ma Baker (Remix '93) 1993
Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell - Papa Chico 1994
Ma Baker (Somebody Scream) vs. Horny United/Sash! 1999
Daddy Cool '99 feat. Mobi T. / Hooray! Hooray! (Caribbean Night Fever) 1999       
Sunny (Remix) 2000       
Daddy Cool 2001
Sunny (Mousse T. Remix) 2006
Boney M. 2000 feat. Sherita O. & Yulee B. - Felicidad America(Obama-Obama) - 2009
Barbra Streisand 2010
Frisco Disco And Boney M. Feat. Ski - Ma Baker 2012

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